I hear music everywhere;
in the breeze through the quivering leaves off the trees,
and in the breath from a human being.
The wind helps the trees to sing,
and luckily humans are creatures who, with their lungs,
are able to produce the wind them self.

In Denmark I am known as a comedian and an entertainer from the trio “De Nattergale”.
“Nattergal” means Nightingale.
On my own, I see my self as a Blackbird; singing and composing from dawn till dusk.
I think of myself as a musician and a composer. I write songs and compose classical stuff, jazz, heavy and fusion with all kinds of sounds.

I cannot pick a single favourite instrument but mostly I play on strings.
I found that it was easier to carry around than a piano.
In my studio I have guitars, ukuleles, piano, keyboards, pump organ, blues harp, fiddle, didgeridoo, banjo, sax, helicon, duck call, plastic tubes for plumbing and more.
I work with Pro tools, Apollo 8 and Sibelius.